Our House (FINALLY!)

So I have finally gotten around to getting some pictures of our house together. Most are prior to moving in, but I have included some of how we have started decorating. *NOTE*  I am not an interior decorator, and I took most of these pictures on my phone (my inner photographer is incredibly disappointed in me). Please do not judge my poor photo quality.

And we begin…

This is our front door and living room. We have pieced most of this together but it is more functional than decorative. Kyle and I are very minimal when it comes to decorative pieces. My dream home would look like this place if I could handle it, but when it comes down to it, my anxiety is so much worse when I have a lot of things around me. I prefer pieces that are necessary and pieces that mean something. It it doesn’t fit into either category, I don’t want it.

This is (obviously) our kitchen. We love the open concept and all the natural light that comes in from all the windows. We decided to keep them all uncovered.

We got these adjustable barstools on Target.com. They were on sale AND we had a discount code. Savings FTW!

This is our laundry room door past the island. We are looking for chairs to match our little breakfast nook table, but we haven’t found a pair we love. The color on the door was Kyle’s idea. It looks even cooler in person. It is Desert Coral- Behr. I would say it dries darker than the website lets on, but the lighting in our nook wasn’t the greatest either.

Luckily we haven’t gotten our kitchen table finished yet because we found a wooden bench at Ikea. So now we can have them finished together so they can match. I want to keep them as close to natural as possible, so I am hoping we can add some wear to the bench to make them a little more similar.

This is that credenza I posted about a few posts ago. SOOOOO I painted it blue (the blue that is around the mirror). The color on the can showed a beautiful midnight blue, and I was so pumped for the result. Well fast forward 24 hours and my credenza was a bright, hideous royal failure blue. So we stripped it and did a gray/ white, and I am much happier. You live and you learn. The painting on the wall is from our wedding. We wanted to do something similar to a unity candle that we could keep forever, so we did a unity painting instead (Atlanta Braves colors of course).

This is the guest bathroom. They re-glazed the tub before we moved in so it is no longer yellow (thank goodness).

This is the master bathroom. This picture does not do it justice. The marble wraps around the entire bathroom. It’s amazing.

Our basement is like 3/4 unfinished, but this is the portion that is finished. We have zero furniture down here yet, but we are hoping to eventually turn it into a movie/media room. Hopefully we can get a projector and some of these to make it all happen. We also talked about getting a used pool table, but I SUCK at pool, so it probably wouldn’t get used too much.

This room is on the backside of the finished part through the door to the right of the fireplace. Eventually we want to put some rubber floors in and get a squat rack. Maybe even a small rig with a pullup bar. I love that there is a door to the backyard so I can run out and vomit if necessary. Also, so I can keep an eye on Georgia while I’m working out. Priorities.

That’s about all I have for this walk through. Do you have any projects going on or projects that didn’t go quite as planned?

Have a wonderful weekend!