Friday Favorites

I have been trying to take my summer goals seriously and really stick to getting outside more often, but this Georgia rainy season has been no joke. If you’re stuck inside too (or even if you get to enjoy some beautiful weather outside) here are some links to check out!


These Banana Republic jeans are SO cute. Their petite denim hits perfectly at the ankle. They are my go to for new jeans.

I’m a sucker for a floral print and those cocoon sleeves! Having always had wider shoulders, dress shirts with a little extra give are my favorite. And it’s an extra 50% off!

These are another pair of petite jean I love. I ordered a couple pairs of these super skinny jeans when they were down to $12 each and I was worried they might be too snug. NOPE. They fit so well and the length is just right!


Recently the chain on a necklace Kyle got me for our first Valentine’s day broke for the 4th time. So rather than getting another new chain, I decided to start over all together and snagged up this necklace with an L. I am so obsessed.

This gorgeous quilt

This candle and this candle and this candle and this candle

This chair

These rugs are too cool

Health and Beauty

This CC Cream lasts ALL day

This foundation covers it ALL

This setting spray keeps it locked in

This leave-in conditioner forever and always (holy grail)

I have been wanting to try these as a hair bow alternate

Other Faves

This Book

These books are a great beach read. Nothing too deep or intense. Very entertaining. (And at times, slightly irritating)

This Show

This Place

This Video (She talks about Keto and her thoughts on the newer trend)

This Podcast

This Youtube Yogi

That’s all I’ve got for today! Anything you have been loving this week?







Linkin’ Friday

Good morning, y’all! There are 2 more days until Christmas, and I can’t believe the high in Atlanta yesterday was 60 degrees. It was glorious. So here are some things I am loving around the web today to keep your mind off the impending deadline.

We have been eating a dangerous amount of cookies this holiday season. I just want to keep baking and eating and baking and eating. I’ve given up all self control. I also baked this blueberry cake, and it was gone in 2 days. I would probably use a little less blueberries next time. It was a whole lot of blueberries and not a lot of cake.

I got this adorable shirt at a little store called Crafted Westside at Lenox. I guess it is just a pop up shop with locally made items that they set up for the Christmas season. It’s on the top floor next to Bloomingdale’s if you’re interested. We also got a sick print of Little 5 Points by Caleb Morris. He is AMAZING! You have to check out his stuff. We are obsessed.

We got this blender for Christmas from Kyle’s parents, and it works wonders. We used to have this tiny little bullet thing that always left chunks of whatever we were trying to blend no matter how long I left it running. Now we are excited to have actual smoothies instead of lumpy soup drinks. YUM!

These playground insult videos have me cracking up. I love every single one of them.

I’ve been wanting some cute beanies, and I have my eye on this (cute beanie and a great cause? yes please!) and this one.

Anything you have had your eye on lately? A reward for making it through 2016 perhaps?

It’s almost 2017!

Dose of Georgia love.






Friday Faves

I love the Friday faves from other blogs so I decided to do one of my own. I hope you enjoy! Please leave some suggestions of your own in the comments!

And awaaaayyy we go!

I have been craving tacos lately, and luckily the hubby wanted some BBQ tonight. So I got to have some BOMB tacos from Spiced Right in Roswell. Seriously, their BBQ is absolutely delicious, and their brisket tacos are glorious. I’m drooling just looking at this picture.


Georgia has been super duper snuggly lately. At first I was worried that she was getting sick (do dogs get snuggly when they’re sick like kiddos do?), but it looks like she’s just getting even more comfortable here with us. We have only had her for about 3 months now, so I think there are still certain things she is trying to adjust to. But I am loving her crawling up on the couch with us and falling asleep. Her snoring is precious.


I am really trying to get on the infused water bandwagon. I know I’m really late, but I really want to love it. It’s ok I guess, but I feel like this would help me get even more into it. It’s so cute!!!

I have been trying for years to find the right planner for me. I like details, and I like to be able to have one whole page for my day. As a student I need room for planning hour by hour as well as a to do list to keep up with homework assignments, but I don’t want some giant bulky binder. I have enough of those. I have been using The Simplified Planner in gold pineapple (how cute are those pineapples?!) since August, and I am so obsessed! I am never changing again. I have found my perfect planner.

This and this iphone case would change my life. I need them.

Do you have any cool things you’ve found around the internet?