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It is finally summer break for me, and I am so glad. I have 3 weeks to get everything taken care of that I have been putting off. Little Luna babe needs to get spayed, and I have little projects around the house that I want to take care of. Do y’all have any summer projects you are planning to get done?

I noticed the mornings around here have been a little crisp, and oh man am I loving it. The other day I mentioned to Kyle that after the summer we have had here in Georgia, I would totally be willing to settle a little farther north one day. Maybe on the coast once the kiddos are grown and out of the house (so a billion years from now). I dream of no mosquitoes and sweaters during cool summer nights. Two things that don’t exist in Georgia. I never would have thought I would seriously say that. Summer is usually my favorite season. I love the heat, and I usually HATE the cold. But lately I have been longing for layers and boots. Who am I?!

Is anyone else Nordstrom sale’d out?! I tried so hard to avoid the craziness and not buy EVERYTHING. Luckily, I stuck to only buying one pair of PJ pants that I will probably wear class and act like they are supposed to be worn out and about. My other pair of black comfy pants have a hole in the rear end (something Kyle pointed out to me while walking down the hall of the cruise ship) so I needed to replace them. At least in public. J I got those sweatpants from Walmart (high quality) when I was in high school. They are my go to comfy pants, and nothing can truly replace them. They are the PERFECT length and fit. Do y’all have any clothes that you will NEVER get rid of? The go-to piece when you’re feeling like crap or just need something familiar? I ALWAYS pack them when we travel just in case. I am hoping my new pair will be up for the challenge. I will keep you updated because I know you’re dying to see if they live up to my high standards. (UPDATE: They are pretty comfortable, but they run a little big. The leg is kind of long and they almost have a bell-bottomed flare that covers my entire shoe. Overall 7/10.) Did you snag anything in the sale? I’m not going to lie, I wanted every single piece I saw. I even added everything I wanted to the shopping cart and exited out before I bought them. I even considered doing a post of pieces that I loved from the sale, but every other blogger in the blogger universe did that post, and every single post is exactly the same, sooooo I decided against it.

So instead, I decided to post about a few décor pieces I LOVE for the house. Some are dream pieces and others are serious options. Let me know what you think!

This rug for the living room

This rug for the sunroom (I really love this one)

This rug for kitchen

This couch for the sunroom

This faux brick for an accent wall in the living room. I want to find a brick that matches the brick in the garage so it looks like the brick from the garage is just backed up to the living room. We have brick in the sunroom that used to be the exterior brick prior to the addition of the sunroom. I love the industrial look and I hope to incorporate even more industrial features down the road.

This faux plant for the end of our hallway for some greenery. I usually HATE faux plants. I feel like they just collect dust and serve zero purpose. But this plant was posted on Instagram the other day by Lynzy and she has me eating my words. I would like to put it next to our mirror to give the hallway some texture and color.

These picture frames for the hallway or something similar. We have the photos we want to frame printed out in black and white. We just need the frames. I don’t know if I want more of a shadow box frame or a matted frame. The frames would go on the wall to the left in the above photo.

This console for the living room. I love this so much!!

If we had a bigger bathroom with an empty wall, I would have something like this ASAP.

These side tables for the living room to compliment the TV console.

This coffee table for the living room. I love the marble but I don’t know how it will work with our couch. If I could get some sort of boomarang type table painted a funky color to give a pop to the room, I would be in heaven.

We are just looking for some tie in pieces to round out a lot of our rooms. Slowly but surely it is coming together. We did snag this AMAZING couch at the Scott’s Antique Market in South Atlanta a few weeks ago and we are so obsessed!

Is anyone else adding some fun pieces to their homes? Find any AWESOME pieces?

We bought a house!

I am so excited to announce that Kyle and I are in the process of purchasing our first home. It is a mid-century modern (the only style we can both agree on) built in 1959, and we are OBSESSED. So I am going to dedicate this post to some pieces that we have already bought for the home and pieces we want to buy. Please shop along!

Let’s start with the kitchen:

This is our kitchen table. My dad and my uncle built it together and I am so in love with it. It means so much to me to have something built by two men that have been constant influences in my life.

I love thesethese, and this bench (this isn’t nearly long enough, but I love that look).

We got this “credenza” off craigslist, and I’m thinking I’m going to paint it a deep navy. I love that it’s kind of funky and industrial looking. We will probably work this into the kitchen because we don’t really have an actual dining room in the house. We just have a breakfast nook. I totally love that though because personally, I think formal dining rooms are wasted space.

We also have a small bar and think these chairs would look really cool.

Next on to the living room:

Another FAAAABBBULOUS craigslist find. It’s a record player, and it sounds awesome. I can’t wait to blast records and dance around the living room.

I really like the look of this love seat and couch from Underpriced Furniture.

I want to pair them with a chair like this in orange. (This is 100% fantasy and there is NO WAY I would ever spend anything even close to that for a chair, but maybe I will find one similar that’s cheaper? Maybe?)

I also think this rug would fit really well, along with this bookcase.

And finally, the master bedroom:

We both agreed that this bed is ideal with these nightstands.

I want this rug so bad. I think the loose lines have so much character.

The before and after of this dresser is LIFE CHANGING! Maybe I can put my big girl pants on and DIY my own.


Anyways, that’s as far as I’ve gotten on the decorating front. Do y’all have any ideas or suggestions? Links to some super sale furniture? Drop them in the comments, I will be forever indebted.