Swingin’ on through!

What’s up?! It’s been a while so I wanted to hop on in and share some updates. I know the above picture is a little grainy, but we have officially become a family of 4. We grew by 4 legs. Her name is Luna Abilene and we picked her up the day we came back from our cruise (I will have a post on that next week.) Luna has been a wonderful addition to our family, and we are so beyond happy. Sometimes I think Georgia would happily watch her run away at times, but when we put Luna in timeout, Georgia will lay by the door to wait on her. So maybe it’s a love/hate thing. Luna rarely ever leaves Georgia’s side. Virtually twins.

Luna is such a mouthy little booger but she is just a big chicken. So we were shocked when she came inside one night with a swollen snout. Our poor little nugget got in a tussle with a copperhead and the copperhead won. Luckily we got her to the emergency vet in Decatur in time. They kept her on IV overnight and after lots of pain meds and a rather painful vet bill, our little nugget was back to normal. She is currently asleep with her head on my arm. This is actually a little difficult to type. 🙂

I’ve also been filling my time between going to class with two little ones that I have been babysitting. The oldest just recently started pre-K so now I just have the infant. She is the happiest little munchkin and definitely makes me excited to one day (In the VERY far future) have our own.

I hope everything has been swell for you! What has the summer of 2017 brought you? We’ve gotten LOADS of rain here. Anyone else wishing for some sun?

Our House (FINALLY!)

So I have finally gotten around to getting some pictures of our house together. Most are prior to moving in, but I have included some of how we have started decorating. *NOTE*  I am not an interior decorator, and I took most of these pictures on my phone (my inner photographer is incredibly disappointed in me). Please do not judge my poor photo quality.

And we begin…

This is our front door and living room. We have pieced most of this together but it is more functional than decorative. Kyle and I are very minimal when it comes to decorative pieces. My dream home would look like this place if I could handle it, but when it comes down to it, my anxiety is so much worse when I have a lot of things around me. I prefer pieces that are necessary and pieces that mean something. It it doesn’t fit into either category, I don’t want it.

This is (obviously) our kitchen. We love the open concept and all the natural light that comes in from all the windows. We decided to keep them all uncovered.

We got these adjustable barstools on Target.com. They were on sale AND we had a discount code. Savings FTW!

This is our laundry room door past the island. We are looking for chairs to match our little breakfast nook table, but we haven’t found a pair we love. The color on the door was Kyle’s idea. It looks even cooler in person. It is Desert Coral- Behr. I would say it dries darker than the website lets on, but the lighting in our nook wasn’t the greatest either.

Luckily we haven’t gotten our kitchen table finished yet because we found a wooden bench at Ikea. So now we can have them finished together so they can match. I want to keep them as close to natural as possible, so I am hoping we can add some wear to the bench to make them a little more similar.

This is that credenza I posted about a few posts ago. SOOOOO I painted it blue (the blue that is around the mirror). The color on the can showed a beautiful midnight blue, and I was so pumped for the result. Well fast forward 24 hours and my credenza was a bright, hideous royal failure blue. So we stripped it and did a gray/ white, and I am much happier. You live and you learn. The painting on the wall is from our wedding. We wanted to do something similar to a unity candle that we could keep forever, so we did a unity painting instead (Atlanta Braves colors of course).

This is the guest bathroom. They re-glazed the tub before we moved in so it is no longer yellow (thank goodness).

This is the master bathroom. This picture does not do it justice. The marble wraps around the entire bathroom. It’s amazing.

Our basement is like 3/4 unfinished, but this is the portion that is finished. We have zero furniture down here yet, but we are hoping to eventually turn it into a movie/media room. Hopefully we can get a projector and some of these to make it all happen. We also talked about getting a used pool table, but I SUCK at pool, so it probably wouldn’t get used too much.

This room is on the backside of the finished part through the door to the right of the fireplace. Eventually we want to put some rubber floors in and get a squat rack. Maybe even a small rig with a pullup bar. I love that there is a door to the backyard so I can run out and vomit if necessary. Also, so I can keep an eye on Georgia while I’m working out. Priorities.

That’s about all I have for this walk through. Do you have any projects going on or projects that didn’t go quite as planned?

Have a wonderful weekend!


Gettin’ real…

*Trigger Warning- I’ll be talking about my body, mental health and insecurities. If these could possibly trigger a bad feeling or set you back on your mental health journey, please skip this post. I’ll be back next week with (FINALLY) a post about the house.*

This is me at what I would consider my best shape. My body did whatever I wanted it to. I was hitting PR’s, and I couldn’t walk past a mirror without flexing and LOVING what I saw. My body was transforming, and so was my mind. I was kicking the former “Michele’s” ass and taking names. I was at the gym 4 times a week, and I never missed a Monday. And then one day, everything came tumbling down. Depression set in and I hated stepping foot in the gym. I was hitting a plateau (something I was warned would happen) and I started second guessing myself. I would just sit and cry and I never fully understood why. A dark cloud hung over me, and I couldn’t explain what was happening. Family would tell me I had so much to be thankful for, and I needed to see that. *FYI* WORST thing to say to someone that is suffering from depression. We aren’t ungrateful, we are lost. I started slacking at the gym and eventually decided, maybe I just needed time away. I was burned out and needed a break. Well that was 10 months ago, and I’ve only been back to a gym maybe 15 times. I am nowhere near where I used to be, and I HATE what I see in the mirror. Kyle and I went to Braves Opening Day and I cropped our first Opening Day photo (2011) next to this one and I was horrified. I didn’t even look like me. It’s not that I’m fat. I have fat without a doubt, but it’s that I’m just not “me” anymore. I have always been athletic and when I looked at myself, I knew I could do anything. I could lift anything. I could run without issue. But this week, I ran on Monday afternoon and my hips STILL hurt. I’ve let myself go, and I am so disappointed. I see people that used to work out with me and would ask ME for advice, and they are now KILLING it in the gym. I am so incredibly proud of them, but I can’t help but be jealous. I feel uncomfortable and insecure in the gym. Yeah, my belly is (mostly) flat, but I can barely squat what I used to warm up with. My traps are nearly gone, and the only reason my shoulders still exist is because I was blessed with them genetically. I have no one to blame for this backslide but myself. I’m not posting this because I want pity or someone to tell me I look great! Because it honestly has nothing to do with anyone else. Kyle tells me daily how beautiful I am and how much he loves my body, and I am so appreciative of that. But I don’t see it, and I need to change that. I’m putting this here for accountability. I found a local old-school gym that I want to try out. Their prices are reasonable and they have great reviews. I’m determined to get back to the mental and physical state that I was. I want to bust out of my jeans because my quads are jacked. I want to need new t-shirts because my arms don’t fit. I have my goals, and I WILL reach them. No more excuses.

Thanks for listening to me whine.

Poppin’ in to say hello

Here is a little sneak peek of one of our pieces we decided to hang. (It was Kyle’s idea. I give him all the credit.) Obviously it’s not a typical piece, and some might consider it tacky. But those people are sad and lame and square, and we choose not to associate ourselves with that negativity. Buh bye. Go be a Nats fan.

So Easter is this weekend and we are hosting. I am super duper excited to be able to have family over to our new digs. It’s going to be great. But I tell you what, finals are sneaking their happy little asses up SO fast, and I don’t know if I can keep up. I’m kind of freaking out. *Smiling and sweating emoji* I have 4 papers due and a project, and that is all in addition to my finals. SO I am attempting to cram all that in between classes and trying to put Ikea furniture together so our bedrooms aren’t empty.

On a side note, if you are considering marrying someone, put a piece of Ikea furniture together first. If no one is murdered before the final product, you have found yourself a life partner.

Anyyywayyyssss, overall, life is still pretty grand over here. We have been working on a couple decorating projects that I’m excited to share on here soon. Nothing grand. I wish, but I’m pretty pathetic when it comes to arts and crafts. I get distracted too easily. So set your expectations really low so we can all be pleasantly surprised.

On another side note, my grandfather gave me this piece of advice when I was younger and it always stuck with me.

“When it comes to dealing with other people, never have any expectations, then you will never be disappointed.”

It’s kind of sad, and yet oh so true.

Ok, y’all! I just wanted to pop in between classes and giant cups of coffee and see how you’re doing.

Hope all is well on the western front! (And eastern)(and northern and southern) (ya know, all the fronts)

Our little watchdog, protecting us from the neighbor’s miniature poodle.

Spring has sprung!

And that means it’s baseball season! My favorite time of the year! We were able to go to the Braves preseason game against the Yankees, and Suntrust Park is absolutely beautiful. I can honestly say they did amazing work at this park, and I am so excited to see it fully completed. Baseball is my JAM, and I am so lucky that I found a husband that loves it as much as I do.

So, I feel like this week just started and it’s already Thursday. Is this what people were talking about when they said things like, “Just wait until you’re older. Time flies?” Because I never doubted the truth in that. I just thought that it would take a little longer for me to notice. Like I would have kids and stuff before I was begging time to slow TF down. I don’t want to have this post be about time flying by and all that stuff because that’s stressful. And honestly I’m feeling really chill right now, so let’s keep that movement flowing.

So today the cable guy is coming and getting everything hooked up the way the first guy was SUPPOSED to do it. So *fingers crossed* we will have internet and cable soon, and I will be able to resume binge watching all my shows.

Also, HHgregg is bringing our replacement dryer since the first one they delivered burned up. Literally. Sparks and all. It was lovely. Luckily we were home, and the breaker did its job and shut off power to the dryer. They tried everything possible to blame it on us. But jokes on them because I used to work in the electrical business and I may not know a ton, but I know enough to be dangerous. And defend myself. So they are delivering a new dryer tomorrow (UPDATE apparently the “inclement weather” has affected our delivery time and they can’t deliver until Saturday. I will NEVER be purchasing from this company ever again. It has been a complete nightmare.) and I will FINALLY be able to do laundry after two (very long) weeks. Is it bad that I’m excited to fold laundry and watch This is Us?

On another note, spring classes are almost over, and I am so ready for finals and the end of this semester. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE school (super nerd for life). I could be a lifelong student. But chemistry is killing me, and I recently found out that by the time I am able to apply for my grad program, they will no longer be accepting that prereq. So I am in a class I despise for no reason. And I have to work my butt off to maintain my current GPA. So I will be taking summer Chem, which consists of 6 hour classes twice a week, to make up for these wasted 4 credit hours.  But that’s ok! Because that will keep me on the learning train and make me reach my goals a little faster. Positive thoughts right?! RIGHT?!

Back to zen.

Once we get the internet up and running, I will have a post up with pictures of the new house! It will take a minute and I am currently posting while at school whenever I can find time before or after class. So unfortunately I can’t do it now.

Our backyard during some of the rainstorms.

The weather was NO JOKE yesterday in and around Atlanta. I was getting flood warnings and tornado warnings out the WAZOOO. But once I got home, I just couldn’t get over how beautiful the rain was hanging in all the trees and the heavy fog. Y’all it was too much. I was snapping pictures of the trees like I was a prom photographer. “Oooh yes girl. Pop the limb. Long necks now.” Anyways, it was gorgeous, and our little trickle creek got some much needed rain. So it is flowing like a big daddy now.

We are having our families out for Easter next weekend, and we are super excited to be hosting our first holiday in our new house. What do y’all have planned for Easter weekend? Binging on discounted candy from Kroger? Me too. Don’t you touch my Reese’s eggs.

I hope y’all have a FABULOUS afternoon and weekend!