Slowly but surely back to a routine.

Our new backyard

Y’all, I’m seriously the worst. And I’m not going to sit here and tell you how busy I am, because really, who the hell isn’t? Right? Waaah waaah cry about it aaaand…. Let’s move on.

I really like when bloggers act like they are talking over drinks or coffee and sharing stuff face to face. So that’s how this will go. I have a (rather large) glass of champagne, because it 3 in the afternoon and I’m an adult so I’m allowed to have it. What are you having? A mimosa? A glass of champagne with me? Maybe just a glass of water because holy balls this Georgia weather ain’t playin!! Which I’m not complaining about because I’ll take 83 over 38 ANY day!

Anyways, tell me about your week. We are ALMOST to the weekend! What have you been up to?  What are you reading? Any good shows?

Our new front door!

I’m reading this book (I’ve actually been slowly reading this over the past 6 months but I am finally forcing myself to step away from the damn phone and read the freaking book) and watching this show  on demand. Well, attempting to. We still haven’t had the cable and internet (I’m posting at school) set up at the new house. (YES! We got it. I’ll have a post with more pictures up soon. Not with furniture though. I’m not Joanna Gaines. She’s an angel from heaven.) We had Comcast come out and it was one of the worst experiences I’ve had with a technician. He complained the entire time, huffed and puffed, rubbed his face like I was asking him to install gold plated coax cable up his butt…. After what I thought might lead to him hyperventilating because of his rapid, annoyed breathing, he told me that he’s going to have to drill holes in our hardwood floors and have cable running in these grates and across our exterior brick walls in potentially in windows. ABSOLUTELY NOT, buh bye dude. So we will find someone else to do it.

Starting to feel the champagne do its thang.

How is the husband, wife, partner, kid, furkid, roommate, empty house? Any pointers on how to make a house less creepy at night without installing spotlights in every corner? Or the best polish for hardwoods? Or maybe just how in the world you get rid of that stale, empty house smell quicker than just living in it for a long time and burning enough candles to warm a village?

We’ve been looking into getting Georgia a brother or sister. Now that we have a yard, we think it’s only fair to get her a playmate. She’s just so spoiled; we don’t know how she will react to losing her only child status. Any pointers on that? Introducing a new pup to the king/queen of the castle?

How’s your glass? Need a refill?

So we found this blueberry cheesecake ice cream at Kroger. It was on sale so we thought, “It would be irresponsible if we DIDN’T buy it. We must!” So we did and holy moly it’s fabulous!! No regrets. Except our cruise leaves in 6 weeks and a tub of ice cream doesn’t really make me go, “hell yeah! Swimsuits!” I was going to say, swimsuit ready, but honestly what does that even mean? I think being born essentially made me and anyone else swimsuit ready. We were already flopping around in our own little private pool before that. I think we are all pretty set on that front.

Do you have any amazing summer recipes you would like to share? I need some forreal.

I will forever love this pasta salad. Seriously. This pasta salad is one of the best I’ve ever eaten. It can be added over top of a salad and tossed (because who doesn’t love salad over salad? Egg salad over romaine FTW!). It’s also delicious with some crispy grilled chicken. It’s refreshing and filling and I can’t sing its praises enough.

The champagne has my eyelids getting heavy and I’m ready for a nap. After I unpack and do dishes and a billion other things. But that’s ok because there is always tomorrow.

Bye y’all!

Reflecting on 2016


It seems like the common theme among people’s new years eve social media posts is that 2016 sucked. Each person seems to have a different reason or motive, but they all have the same conclusion, 2016=shitty. I disagree. 2016 was an amazing year for me: a year of self discovery, growth, and change. I married the love of my life, my precious second niece was born, we rescued our puppy dog, and I grew closer to some amazing people. I also went to a therapist for the first time this year (something I probably should have done a long time ago). I learned so many things about myself, and I realized a lot about the people I was surrounding myself with. I learned that sometimes you won’t have all the answers, you won’t have “closure” in some situations, and you just have to let shit go. People will disappoint you, certain situations will tear you down, and sometimes you will fail. It’s ok to feel things. It’s ok to ask for help. However, it is not ok to let someone or something control you. Whether it is a mental illness, a person, a life situation, you are the master of your own fate. You control the outcome. You should be your highest priority, and if someone tells you that’s selfish then that someone isn’t looking out for your best interests. Let them go.

I also don’t understand people’s negativity towards goal setting for the upcoming year. “If you’re waiting for the new year to get moving towards your goals then you’re just going to fail. Start now.” I don’t get this mindset. I love the thought of having a fresh start, a blank slate, a new direction. Does it mean 2016 didn’t exist? No. It means, I’m reflecting on what worked and what didn’t, and I’m adjusting. So make that resolution list, and take control of your life!

Here is my list of things I want to focus more on in 2017:

  1. Meditation and self-awareness
  2. Sticking to a stricter gym schedule w/ written goals (I have been feeling really good mentally, and I hope I can continue to overcome the anxiety and self-doubt)
  3. More self control and awareness when eating (I will still be eating my donuts and pizza, but maybe a little less often 😉 )
  4. I want to have a house cleaning schedule. I function so much more efficiently when I am in a clean home, and it helps declutter myself mentally when I am decluttered physically. Purging will be the theme of 2017.
  5. Spending time with Kyle intentionally. We spend a lot of time “together” on the couch watching TV or him playing Xbox while I write or play on my phone. But I want to intentionally invest time and energy in our relationship together with scheduled date nights where we are the focus.
  6. I want to read more. I used to read books constantly. I couldn’t ever get enough. I want to start reading instead of scrolling through Instagram before bed or watching a re-run of KUWTK or Flip or Flop.
  7. I want to drink more water.
  8. I want to start shopping with direction and live more minimally. Instead of buying something because I like it, whether it be furniture, clothes, or household items, I want to buy because I LOVE it and have a purpose for it.
  9. I want to get outside more. I want to walk Georgia at the park or run along the Chattahoochee or hike a new trail. I want to absorb that good ol’ Vitamin D.
  10. I want to eat less red meat and try alternate, non-meat options for protein. I’d like to start working “meatless mondays” into my meal schedule, and see how my body feels.

I’m sure this list will flex and change throughout the year. I just want 2017 to be a year of new adventures, open-mindedness, and flexibility.

What are some of y’all’s goals this new year?

The “Realists”

I like to consider myself a realist. At times I might need to have that extra optimistic outlook to overcome some obstacles, but for the most part I am a realist. I prefer to look at the most probable option when it comes to life’s choices and make my decisions based on that. However, I try to make sure that I am still on the positive side of thought. I feel one of the biggest threats to happiness is the pessimist disguised as the realist. I think we all have that one person in our life that always seems to argue or disagree with our choices. That person could be a friend, a family member, or a coworker. This person usually has some perception of your reality and feel that they know better than you. This person tends to have a personal opinion or idea that they present as a better option without first asking further about your situation. They believe that they have lived a longer life, and they know how life goes better than a younger person. They claim their thoughts and ideas are not meant to be negative but realistic. I’m sure most mean well, but they are truly unaware of the damage they are causing. At 23 years old, I have run into people like this often. I grew up a lot faster than the average teenager with significantly more responsibility. I started dating Kyle at 16 and we got engaged at 21. We moved in when we were 21 & 22 before we got married almost a year later. During all of these stages of life, we always had people telling us not to do these things because they “knew better.” These people were staging as realists, but it was very clear they were pessimists. Consciously ignoring these people has been something I have struggled with for a while. Their comments always hung in the back of my mind through other decisions I needed to make. They weighed on my confidence in tough situations as if I didn’t trust myself to do the best thing. It is something I am working on even now. Kyle and I are now looking for a home to purchase to settle down in for a while while I am in school in Atlanta. We really have no desire to continue renting when we know we will be in this area for a significant amount of time. And of course, with life changes there always comes critics. Except this time, I am reminding myself of the above. Their opinion is not my reality. They don’t fully know our plans, goals, or even our fullest capabilities, and instead of letting their perceptions of my reality become my reality, I will choose to be a true realist and drive towards what I know is best. As a “millennial,” I refuse to fall into the constraining mold set forth for my generation. They call it young and naive, I call it blooming and goal-oriented. I will get what I want, and negativity has no place in my mind.

Happy Holidays everyone!

A sweet dose of little Georgia love.

Mental Health

*Trigger Warning: This post includes talk about anxiety,depression, and eating habits. If those subjects could have negative effects, please come back tomorrow for a new post. Love always.*

Good morning, friends! Can we talk about something serious and so dear to my heart for a second? Mental Health. If you have read my About Me, you already know anxiety and depression are things I have suffered from. I currently battle with anxiety and minor bouts of depression, but NOTHING will compare to what I was going through at this time last year. I was miserable. I wish I could tell you what triggered the downward spiral, but I really can’t. I have guesses because around this time last year there were lots of changes in my personal and professional life. I had also been on a birth control that had side effects of depression, but I had already been on it for a year prior. Apparently your body can one day have a side effect it has never had before to a certain medication that you have been on for a long time. Anyways, I am writing this post because mental health is something I am working on in my life on a daily basis and I want to share some love. I am working on my self-talk and also how I talk to other people. I am working on being real with myself about certain situations and trying to avoid having a “perfectionist’s mindset.” With social media, I think this is the hardest part, but I always have to remind myself that I only post the good things and so does everyone else. The above quote is something I strive for daily because we can get so caught up in fad diets and quick-fix workout routines, but in the end, we need to focus on who we are as human beings. You may have abs or fabulous glutes, but are you TRULY happy? And if your answer to that is “no,” I urge you to pursue help. This also goes well beyond the gym. To my mamas out there, I see you busting ass to make sure the kids are eating healthy and getting to bed at a reasonable hour. I promise the chicken nuggets for dinner or the unwashed dishes will not tarnish your kiddos futures. And the student that is currently considering throwing her laptop across the library and telling everyone around her to go eff themselves, I see you. It’s almost over boo. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. And to the young person that has had some things at work that just aren’t going right and you’re wondering how in the world you’re going to make this holiday season work, I’m cheering for you. You are not alone. You are not weak. You are not abnormal. You are a human being. Give yourself a break. *hugs*

A little dose of Georgia love.

10 Things About Me


I thought maybe a quick post with some info about me would be a good way to start out, so here we go!

  1. I was born and raised in the suburbs about 45 minutes outside of Atlanta. I currently reside in north Atlanta.
  2. I married my high school sweetheart in April 2016. We have been together for a little over 6 years.
  3. I am currently studying nutrition at Georgia State University. My goal is to get my masters in dietetics and help people pursue a healthy lifestyle without having to sacrifice eating yummy food.
  4. The blog name came from two things I love. I live for caffeine, and nothing can stop me from eating a good donut. I want people to realize that you can enjoy eating all foods. It is all about moderation.
  5. We have a rescue that we literally picked up from the side of the road. Her name is Georgia and she rules the house. img_7713-2
  6. I have been wanting to start a blog for a while but I really didn’t know what my exact direction was for the blog. I was really reluctant until I listened to a podcast by Lauryn Evarts and her new hubby Michael Bosstick. They were discussing their podcast and how Michael was so set on launching quick and adjusting as you go. So here we are launching quick. Adjusting as I go.
  7. I am super into working out but recently had to step away from the gym. I was starting to get really hard on myself, and I began using Instagram as my measuring chart. It took a toll on my mental health and I am just recently starting to gain back my own identity.
  8. I suffer from anxiety, and I am learning to be in control of myself. Slowly but surely.
  9. I love Atlanta sports. Braves, Falcons, Hawks. Always and forever.
  10. I am really excited for this journey. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.