Friday Favorites

I have been trying to take my summer goals seriously and really stick to getting outside more often, but this Georgia rainy season has been no joke. If you’re stuck inside too (or even if you get to enjoy some beautiful weather outside) here are some links to check out!


These Banana Republic jeans are SO cute. Their petite denim hits perfectly at the ankle. They are my go to for new jeans.

I’m a sucker for a floral print and those cocoon sleeves! Having always had wider shoulders, dress shirts with a little extra give are my favorite. And it’s an extra 50% off!

These are another pair of petite jean I love. I ordered a couple pairs of these super skinny jeans when they were down to $12 each and I was worried they might be too snug. NOPE. They fit so well and the length is just right!


Recently the chain on a necklace Kyle got me for our first Valentine’s day broke for the 4th time. So rather than getting another new chain, I decided to start over all together and snagged up this necklace with an L. I am so obsessed.

This gorgeous quilt

This candle and this candle and this candle and this candle

This chair

These rugs are too cool

Health and Beauty

This CC Cream lasts ALL day

This foundation covers it ALL

This setting spray keeps it locked in

This leave-in conditioner forever and always (holy grail)

I have been wanting to try these as a hair bow alternate

Other Faves

This Book

These books are a great beach read. Nothing too deep or intense. Very entertaining. (And at times, slightly irritating)

This Show

This Place

This Video (She talks about Keto and her thoughts on the newer trend)

This Podcast

This Youtube Yogi

That’s all I’ve got for today! Anything you have been loving this week?







Get TF Outside

Do you ever have days where you just desperately crave the outdoors? Lately I have just wanted to be outside at all times. I want to hike and walk and sit and look and listen and do allllll the things… outside. Unfortunately, these past few weeks have been filled with immense amounts of rain and in turn, a ton of Georgia humidity. But honestly, there is nothing that curbs my anxiety like being active outdoors. In fact, there are times where the only thing I can do is strap my shoes on and run. Run away from my stresses and problems (real or exaggerated in my head.) Do you have anything that is your go to for anxiety relief?

My goal this summer is to get outside more often. Whether it be to hike Stone Mountain, walk the dogs or just sit on the porch, I need more fresh air and vitamin D. I need a breeze and some rays.

Here are some other goals this summer:

Hit up the lake a couple times.

Growing up, we were in the water pretty much all summer. We were water babies from birth, and I want to get back to that.

Take the dogs to at least one new trail.

Georgia and Luna literally jump for joy when we bust out the leashes. We can barely calm them long enough to get their harnesses on. I want to take them out more and let them sniff new places.

Go on a picnic.

This one might be difficult because I HATE dealing with bugs while I eat. It just grosses me out. (One reason I refuse to camp)

Make new blessing bags.

I used to always keep a few bags with basic essentials in them and maybe a Mcdonald’s gift card and some snacks. Whenever I saw someone in need, I would offer them a bag. I want to be able to do that again.

Sign up for a short track triathalon.

I get bored easily when it comes to fitness. I get burned out and easily distracted when I don’t have a goal. I want to have something to work towards this summer.

That’s really all I have for now. Other than things like, get to the bottom of the laundry pile or get rid of these mounds of clothes that I don’t wear. Oh well. Baby steps, right?

What about you? Do you have any mini-goals for the summer?


Sometimes You Have to be Mean

I’ve had this post on my mind a lot lately, and I have finally decided to sit down and type it out.

Lately, I’ve been talking to a lot of women about situations in which they felt it necessary to be nice and passive even when they were uncomfortable. Not just when they were being hit on or dudes or other females were being inappropriate, but in situations where people were trying to sell you things or ideas. I am the WORST at telling solicitors to get TF off my porch or dudes hitting on me to go away because (especially as a southern belle) you’re taught to be nice. You’re taught to be submissive and cordial. But honestly, I’m really freaking sick of being nice to someone just because society says I “should” be. I’m sick of being uncomfortable to make someone else, that has no importance to me, feel comfortable.

So I’ve decided to change that. From now on, I’m going to be straight forward and stop hoping people “get the hint.” I’m going to make it very clear that I’m not interested or that I’m uncomfortable. And if those don’t work, I’m going to be a bitch, because I don’t have time to waste on nonsense. And I encourage you to do the same.

When a guy or girl tries the MOST obnoxious line ever, “Your (husband, BF, wife, GF, significant other) doesn’t allow you to have friends?” My answer will be, “I have enough fucking friends, and I’m not interested in anyone that can’t take NO for an answer.”

When a guy or girl is pressuring you into doing something you aren’t interested in, regardless of how much money they spent on you or how “nice” they were to you, or even if earlier you told them you WERE interested in something more, YOU DON’T OWE THEM ANYTHING. Stop beating around the bush because you don’t want to seem rude. Stop hoping they get the hint. Just recently I read an article about the Aziz Ansari accusations, and it really hit home for me. This girl’s body language and response to the situation would have rang a bell for almost anyone that she was uncomfortable. However, in the situation, her cues were not observed, and she ended up involved in something she didn’t want to be. I am in no way victim blaming. I will always stand behind, next to, or in front of anyone that is the victim of sexual assault. BUT, if a guy or girl can’t take the words I AM NOT INTERESTED IN THAT, then they aren’t worth the work of sparing them an awkward moment. BE A BITCH! Tell them to get TF off you.

If a salesperson is at your door and won’t take “No” for an answer, tell them that if they don’t get off your porch, you’re calling the police. Seriously. Sadly, the only thing that used to get people off the porch for me was, “My husband won’t allow me to make those decisions.” How effed up is that?! But now, I’m so sick of having to make up BS to get them to leave. I’m sick of having Kyle call and cancel things that I couldn’t say no to. So from now on, if a polite “I’m not interested” doesn’t work, I’m going to make it REEEAALLLL uncomfortable for all of us. Because I’m really over it.

If you are at work and your coworker has gotten a little too free with his or her jokes or innuendos, don’t grimace and force a smile to avoid confrontation. Your workplace should not be a place of discomfort. Say something! As someone who has been in situations with coworkers that made me uncomfortable, I can honestly say, I wish I would have spoken up. But I didn’t for fear of ridicule or being called a liar. But chances are, you are not the first person to feel uncomfortable by your coworkers actions. Keep note of the situations and confront your coworker professionally. If that doesn’t work, go higher up. People will most likely call you a “bitch” for it, but they are not worth compensating your safety or sense of security.

I am well aware that standing up for yourself is hard because you don’t want to be “that person.” I know that the assholes are quick to throw it back in your face with, “oh, you just think you’re so attractive that I was hitting on you?” or, “wow, you’re just too good to have a conversation with someone?” Your answer? “You are damn right!” Because 99 out of 100 times, this guy or girl is a waste of space and doesn’t deserve your time, much less does his or her opinion matter.

There have been so many situations in the news lately where the accused claimed it was simply a case of “miscommunication.” Let’s stop leaving that on the table. Let’s stop allowing these predators to weave doubt into the equations.

And finally, let’s stand together. If you see someone in a situation where you can very clearly see he or she is uncomfortable, say something. Sometimes it is hard to speak your mind, and you need support. If you don’t want to cause a ruckus, see if you can snag her or him when they are alone. Maybe creepy person has head to the bathroom or the bar to grab another drink. A simple, “you ok?” or “you need a way out?” is greatly appreciated.

There is strength in numbers.

Have you ever been in an uncomfortable situation and didn’t know how to get out? How did you resolve it?

Here We Are

**Trigger warning*** Mental Health, depression and anxiety discussed in this post. If you could potentially be affected by these subjects, please skip this post. Stay strong. <3

I know it has been months and months since I have posted. Last semester really kicked me in the face, and for the first time, I seriously considered giving up. The anxiety hit hard and the depression was the worst it had ever been. There were times I told Kyle that I just wanted to die. I am so incredibly lucky to have him in my life because he has been my rock through these heart wrenching times. I can’t imagine a life without him.  Anyways, I didn’t get on here to dredge through all the yuck. I’m here to encourage people who could be going through those things to just keep pushing. Although I am not 100%, I am most definitely on the mend. I am doing more to take control of my health. Kyle and I have been getting up early in the morning to hit the gym before he heads to work and I head to class. I have worked out more in the past two weeks than I have in the past year, and I am giving myself a ton of grace. I’m not lifting nearly as much as I used to, my lungs aren’t what they were, and my negative mindset is definitely hard to overcome at times. However, I am fighting. I am fighting to just be who I know I am capable of being. Instead of comparing myself to the old me, I am comparing myself to the me I know I can be. I know I am strong. I know I am capable. I know I can overcome. I got a job because I know sitting on my butt at home is only giving myself time to drown in the negative thoughts. I need to be active and I need to be involved. Luckily, the job is at a place that serves coffee and bagels, so I am a happy camper. (Donuts are not on the menu. Which is probably a good thing.) I plan to make an appointment with a therapist to help with some anxiety management so I can finally get some decent sleep and not feel like a zombie all day. I hope that this semester will be more manageable and significantly  more enjoyable. I am taking my first dedicated nutrition course on the Atlanta campus, and I am excited to finally take classes dedicated to my major. I also hope to be able to post on here more often. Thanks to everyone still hanging around. Sending so much love.


Blog Love

So these past few months have been crazy chaotic. This semester has kept me on my toes and I haven’t been able to post as much as I would like. If I’m not in class, I’m doing homework. If I’m not doing homework, I’m babysitting. If I’m not babysitting, I’m sleeping. I’m not going to lie, the dark thoughts have been making their way back in my mind, and I’m fighting them as well as I know how. Since I haven’t been able to post regularly, I want to share some of my favorite bloggers.


Landyn is one of the most down to earth people that I follow. She shows you the good, the bad and the ugly. She has awesome daily hacks and recipes and if you have an Instagram, do your self a favor and give her a follow. Her stories are the best!


Courtney just had her first baby, and y’all she is GORGEOUS! Courtney gives great beauty tips, and her trader joes hauls on Instagram stories are so good!


Lynzy just had her third little nugget and he has the best cheeks ever. Lynzy is totally the cool mom with the cutest style. She is quick to show you the REAL life of a mom. She has no issues sharing her bad days along with her good, and that is so refreshing.


Clara is a local lady. ATLien love. She is a nursing student at Mercer, which is like a hope skip and a jump from us. She’s so sweet and I love how honest her posts are. She’s not a mama so she is a nice break from all the mommy blogs that I follow. She has an AWESOME post about birth control that she just posted recently, and I love that she is spreading so much necessary knowledge. Birth control has affected my mental health negatively for so long, and no one tells you the negative affects you can have. You request a prescription, they give it to you, and they send you on your way. But Clara puts it all out there, and I love it!


If you want to laugh your face off, follow Grace NOW. She is so hilarious, and I swear we would be best friends in real life. Grace, if you are so graciously reading this, I live in Atlanta so we are state neighbors. Call me when you’re in the area girlfriend! Grace has the cutest kids and her Instagram stories with them are too precious.


Gina is my OG blogger. She was the first blog I ever followed religiously, and I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to her. Her openness about mental health and her realness about momming has opened my eyes to so much. She doesn’t hide behind her screen, and she is so receptive to her readers. Her two daughters seem like such sweethearts (one of my favorite things she posts are her “liv-isms” They are hilarious or precious or just crazy deep things her daughter Olivia says, and I can’t get enough)! I feel like I watched her kiddos grow up through her blog and It’s amazing. Her husband is in the military, and I can’t thank them enough for the sacrifices they make for our country.


Ok, so if I had a long lost sister, Lauren would be her. She is so funny and real and no joke, her posts make me want to move to the northeast. Maybe one day, if I can wrap my head around actual snow in the winter. Probably not though. Also, Lauren is another person that if you aren’t following her Instagram stories, you aren’t doing yourself any justice. Also, she has some BOMB Pandora playlists.

So that’s who I am loving right now and always.

Do y’all have anyone that you are following that I need to check out?