Swingin’ on through!

What’s up?! It’s been a while so I wanted to hop on in and share some updates. I know the above picture is a little grainy, but we have officially become a family of 4. We grew by 4 legs. Her name is Luna Abilene and we picked her up the day we came back from our cruise (I will have a post on that next week.) Luna has been a wonderful addition to our family, and we are so beyond happy. Sometimes I think Georgia would happily watch her run away at times, but when we put Luna in timeout, Georgia will lay by the door to wait on her. So maybe it’s a love/hate thing. Luna rarely ever leaves Georgia’s side. Virtually twins.

Luna is such a mouthy little booger but she is just a big chicken. So we were shocked when she came inside one night with a swollen snout. Our poor little nugget got in a tussle with a copperhead and the copperhead won. Luckily we got her to the emergency vet in Decatur in time. They kept her on IV overnight and after lots of pain meds and a rather painful vet bill, our little nugget was back to normal. She is currently asleep with her head on my arm. This is actually a little difficult to type. 🙂

I’ve also been filling my time between going to class with two little ones that I have been babysitting. The oldest just recently started pre-K so now I just have the infant. She is the happiest little munchkin and definitely makes me excited to one day (In the VERY far future) have our own.

I hope everything has been swell for you! What has the summer of 2017 brought you? We’ve gotten LOADS of rain here. Anyone else wishing for some sun?

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