It’s been an entire month!

Y’all, I feel like the laziest, busy person in the entire world. I feel like I’m constantly going and going and going and nothing gets done. I finally stopped and asked myself, “What the hell are you busy doing?” Then it hit me; my time management SUCKS. I can honestly say there are times that the anxiety gets the best of me, and I’m so exhausted that I can barely function. However, the majority of the time I convinced myself that I should take a 30 minute break to have a snack and watch TV. 30 minutes NEVER stops at 30 minutes. In fact, I have been watching This is Us (Is anyone else watching this?! Will I ever get through an episode without crying?!), and they are 45 minute episodes, so I already set myself up for failure.

So now I have identified the issue. Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing it other than, “Get off your butt and do what you need to do!”

This month and next month has and will be crazy. We ended up having to back out of our house. We were in our due diligence period, and it was foolish of me to assume the house was ours. There were some foundation issues that would end up costing us significantly more than we could handle. So we ended up having to back out. We were devastated, but you live and you learn.

Here are a couple photos of this past month. Hopefully I can get my shit straight and get back on my posting routine.

We got a new car to replace my Patriot. We got another Patriot. I like consistency. 🙂
This is the view outside the back of the house we have moved on to. We haven’t officially closed yet. *Fingers crossed*

What have y’all been up to this past month?!

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