How is it even possible?

Y’all, I have been having the WORST time with this website. When I say I am technologically illiterate, I mean it to the fullest extent. I don’t know what the hell a plug-in is, or a cache, or a CPanel. Anyways, I kept trying to login to post and I kept getting an error, and I was like hmmm… I’ll just wait it out. (Ya know. Ignore the problem for as long as possible right?) A few hours of downtime turned into a couple of days and no relief, so I contacted IT yesterday and they said they fixed it. Logged in today to post and still an error message. 🙁 So I finally got in contact with someone else at the host IT and they fixed it! I tried to understand what I had done and how to fix it in the future buuuttttt, they could have been speaking Spanish and I would have understood just as much. (Which is nothing because my 3 years of Spanish in high school didn’t stick. Me gusta nadar, anyone? No? Ok.) So I’m up and running for now until I break it again.

We have decided to start a tradition this year of volunteering every holiday season. Some of the greatest memories I have of church is volunteering and getting involved in the community. So this year we volunteered with iDream Inc, a non-profit group that works with low income families in the community. They choose a different church every year and reach out  to local families to invite them to the event. We were able to serve food and pass out presents to the little ones, and it was so much fun. I have to brag on Kyle for a second because he was so awesome. He dove right in helping unload and set everything up. At one point I didn’t know where he went, and I found out he had wandered off to help people at the church that weren’t even involved with the iDream organization. He has such a helpful heart, and I am so lucky to have him as my life partner.

On Sunday we went out to Kyle’s mom’s and stepdad’s for lunch, and so they could see their precious grand-dog.  We were helping host at a church out there with one of our old youth pastor’s, so we left Georgia at his mom’s so they could spoil her while we were gone. Since we are currently in a condo, she doesn’t have a yard to run around in, and we feel so guilty for it. We love taking her out to their house so she can just roam free. She is so nosy and quickly wears herself out getting into everything she can. She was so exhausted that Kyle literally carried her up the stairs to her bed. She didn’t even flinch. So cute!

So how in the world is it already almost Christmas?! I just want to curl up in a ball and avoid all responsibility. Do y’all have any super fun plans for this holiday season or are you in the fetal position too?

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