Back from Break


You know you’re getting older when you get excited for rain… enough to dance around the bedroom when the news does their forecast. We have been having crazy wildfires in North Georgia and a ridiculous drought so this rain is most certainly needed. I just want to snuggle down in the couch with a book (probably a textbook because the wonderful season of finals is upon us), and listen to the storm rage outside. Georgia doesn’t seem nearly as excited. We have quickly learned that even the sounds of high winds bring out the giant puppy inside of her that whines until someone holds her. Fantastic.¬†Maybe we will invest in one of those¬†thunder jackets. Has anyone used one of those? It looks just like the jacket we got for her on sale at Petco (Similar). Maybe I can just put that on her instead? Maybe?

The break for Thanksgiving was lovely, but I can honestly say I am glad it’s over. We hosted this year for the first time… in our tiny condo with a kitchen that is about the size of a king size bed. We had around 15 people and it was so much fun, but oh so exhausting. With two sets of divorced parents, it is so much easier to just have everyone come to us rather than hit up four different houses. Luckily, we are blessed with parents that put their differences aside and are willing to come together for the betterment of their kiddos. If you had asked me 10 years ago if I ever thought my parents would celebrate a holiday together again, it would be a definite, HELLLLL to the NOOO. But things change and people chill TF out and rediscover their priorities.

So if you’re going through some sort of crappy situation, or your family isn’t what it used to be, I hope this holiday season brings you some sort of clarity. Our holiday get togethers will never be the 50+ people packed into my grandparents’ house that it used to be. But that’s ok. We will establish our own cock-eyed, blended, chaotic family traditions.

Happy Holidays.